Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island
Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island
Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island

The Bible Survey has been completed and our 10 AM class has been temporarily postponed until further notice...

(At 10 AM, John Rettegi will continue the Bible Survey which includes: Tracing the History of Redemption through the Old Testament and God's progressive revelation of the coming of the Messiah along with other important and interesting Biblical information regarding it's history.  We are currently in the book of Numbers.
This will help to give everyone a better understanding and appreciation of the Word of God, the location of the books of the Bible, their size and content, and the unfolding of His marvelous and majestic plan of redemption for mankind lost.)

At 11AM, Pastor Phil will be delivering another message on "The Christian Life"
We invite you to join us and enjoy our fellowship time afterwards for coffee and snacks.
If you're looking for a small fellowship, where you won't get lost in the crowd, please come and check us out! We would be delighted to meet you.

Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island
Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island
Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island
Cornerstone Christian Church of Long Island

Current Topics & Activities 

Spring  Schedule

The History of Redemption (Bible Survey) 10am  

Brother John Rettegi is conducting a "Bible Survey" focusing on the main themes of the bible, tracing the History of Redemption through the Old Testament, pointing out the types and figures related to Christ and the Gospel.  This is a very exciting and instructive study featuring a workbook containing photos, graphics and maps that help you to understand the various main events, characters, prophecies and how the books of the Bible all cohesively work together to give us a firm grasp on the majesty of God and the veracity of His Scriptures.
Sunday Morning Worship Service (11am)
Pastor Phil is currently delivering a series of messages on "The Christian Life".  These topics are foundational to the faith and provide the believer with the full assurance that "He who has began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus" (Phil.1:6).
Church announcements, singing, prayer are also included and the Lord’s Table is administered on the first Sunday of each month.

         Fellowship time ( following Worship Service)
We gather together immediately after our morning service for coffee, tea and snacks and conversation.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to join. We also schedule various other activities throughout the year such as special lunches, open-air services, barbeques, community outreach, food drives as well as times we meet together for prayer and Bible study. 

             Wednesday Night Fellowship (7pm-9pm)
We have an "OPEN HOUSE" to all where we discuss real life issues.   It's a great opportunity to come together and fuse our concerns as well as to field, in an open forum discussion, all your theological, philosophical and Biblical questions you would like to discuss, get answers to, and maybe even resolve.

    (If you have any questions, please call Pastor Phil at 631 805-3647 or email at: [email protected]).


We are located at 244 West Old Country Road in Hicksville, NY (700 feet west of Newbridge Road) behind Antun's Catering.  Enter through the driveway on the west side of Antun's and we are located on the right at the center of the store-fronts.

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